Leadership Laredo

Leadership Laredo wants YOU!  Leaders are not born, they are made -- through training like this.

The time to register is now.  This type of intensive training is used in the business world each and every day.

Leadership Laredo was established in 1986 under the auspices of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce through the collaborative efforts of Leadership Texas Alumni -- The Honorable Judge Elma Salinas Ender, Minita Freeman, Dr. Dianne Mendoza, Linda Howland and Audrey Plotkin.  Following on their footsteps, Leadership Laredo continues to be a non profit organization aimed at challenging Laredo’s best to take an active role in shaping the future of this community.

Leadership Laredo’s specific purpose is to:
1) Identify proven leaders and nurture individuals with leadership potential in the Laredo community.  
2) Expose those leaders to the workings of our urban system and enable them to broaden their knowledge beyond their particular fields of expertise.
3) Improve lines of communication among present and future leaders.

More than 400 individuals representing financial institutions, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, religious affiliations, local, state and federal government agencies, retail industry, transportation companies, private corporations, and numerous other local businesses have participated in Leadership Laredo. The organization boasts many alumni considered to be some of Laredo’s most prominent and successful professionals including Former Mayor Elizabeth Flores, the Most Reverend Bishop James Tamayo, former Zapata County ISD Superintendent Romeo Rodriguez, Jr., former Laredo Chamber of Commerce Chairman John Villarreal, former Laredo ISD Board Members Leroy Morin and Bebe Zuniga, 341st District Court Judge Elma Salinas Ender, Dr. Pedro Castaneda, former United ISD Board Member Tina Trevino, County Court at Law #2 Judge Jesus Garza, and U. S. Congressman Dr. Henry Cuellar.

These and numerous other Leadership Laredo alumni continue to place Laredo on the forefront of educational excellence and economic prosperity. Leaders such as these have helped transform Laredo into one of the most successful cities in Texas and in the nation.
Current local issues and concerns are the focus of Leadership Laredo. Through a series of seminars conducted between October and June of each year, participants are given the opportunity to personally network with local professionals and experts, attain specialized knowledge on a variety of subjects, and develop unique perspectives on issues affecting the community. Ultimately, the goal of Leadership Laredo, with the support of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, is to educate and empower tomorrow’s leaders.

We are now in the process of selecting the 27th Class of Leadership Laredo. If you are interested in learning more about the organization, please call the Laredo Chamber of Commerce at (956) 722-9898.

It is our strong intention and desire to continue the longstanding tradition of this organization and vow to work diligently to ensure that we, in some way, positively impact the quality of life in Laredo.
We truly care about our city and its future, and hope that you too, will share our enthusiasm.

As Bill Pollard said, "It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity, and the responsibility of individuals to contribute".