Laredo, Texas – (January 10, 2018) – Humberto ‘Tito’ Gonzalez, Chairman of the Laredo Chamber Education Committee, announced at a press conference held today in the lobby of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, that the business organization has joined forces with educators and advocates in their efforts to put a stop to bullying.  They specifically noted that for the third year in a row the group has partnered with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and PILLAR, a local Nonprofit organization aimed at curbing bullying and suicide, to present a screening of the critically-acclaimed movie “Bully.”  The group was joined by Alamo Drafthouse representatives, members of the Chamber Education Committee and educators representing the Laredo and United school districts and Harmony Academy in making the announcement.  Gonzalez, a local engineer, stated, “As we do every year, by bringing this film to a local audience our hopes is to expose the danger that bullying can bring to the school, and ultimately, to the home.  Our purpose is also to inform students and parents about services that are available locally to assist with this serious issue.”

Gonzalez happily announced that with Alamo Drafthouse’s support the committee is able to offer tickets at a reduced price of $6.00.  This includes price of admission, popcorn and a soft drink, he said  He added that there will be two screenings of the film — Tuesday, January 16, and Wednesday, January 17. Both screenings are scheduled to start at 6:30 pm.  He also announced that the organization has received a $1,000 donation from Rheem Manufacturing, Co. towards this project.



Rheem Manfacturing, Co.

Family Chevrolet

Texas Community Bank

Civil Engineering Consultants Inc.

Monaco Self Storage

J. Cruz & Associates, LLC.

Texas A&M International University, College of Education


Laredo ISD, United ISD and Harmony Academy, which are represented in the Education Committee, form an integral part of the Chamber’s anti-bullying project.  The organizers will work with the school districts to reach out to children, parents and educators.

For ticket information contact the Laredo Chamber of Commerce at 956-722-9895.  Tickets will be made available to the school districts upon contact.

About the film:

Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation. The new documentary film BULLY, directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, brings human scale to this startling statistic, offering an  intimate, unflinching look at how bullying has touched five kids and their families.

BULLY is a beautifully cinematic, character-driven documentary. At its heart are those with huge stakes in this issue whose stories each represent a different facet of America’s bullying crisis. Filmed over the course of the 2009/2010 school year, BULLY opens a window onto the pained and often endangered lives of bullied kids, revealing a problem that transcends geographic, racial, ethnic and economic borders. It documents the responses of teachers and administrators to aggressive behaviors that defy “kids will be kids” clichés, and it captures a growing movement among parents and youths to change how bullying is handled in schools, in communities and in society as a whole.

Parents play a vital role in supporting their kids, promoting upstander rather than bystander behavior, and teaching and modeling empathy in the home.