Laredo is the largest and most important inlad port on the U.S.-Mexico Border and it was designated as the fastest growing city in the state and the second-fastest growing city in the nation as we entered the XXI centrury.

With a population of 236,091 (2010U.S. Census), Laredo continues to be a community on the rise. With four bustling international bridges, three modern hospitals, a constantly-evolving university and an expanding system of infrastructure, Laredo and Webb County provide a safe and promising environment for families and entrepreneurs alike. Colorful history, great shopping, lively entertainment, good food, and fine accomodations abound in Laredo.


Laredo’s major asset is its geographical location. At the southermost end of I-35 and connecting with Mexico’s Highway 85 it makes it an ideal distribution and crossing point for major markets in Mexico, and to those int he northeast and midwestern United States. The city lies at latitude 27.32 N and longitude 99.28 W.

Nestled on the northern banks of the Rio Grande River, Laredo lies 145 miles Southwest of deep water of Corpus Christi; 154 miles South of San Antonio, Texas; and 150 miles North of one of Mexico’s wealthiest and most industrialized centers — Monterrey, Mexico.


City of Laredo         53,403 acres

County of Webb      2,148,480 acres

Topography            Relatively flat with rolling hills

Average Elevation    438 feet



The City of Laredo has a council/manager form of government with a mayor, elected at-large, and eight city council members, representative of geographical districts, serving four-terms. The City Council meets the first and third Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the City Council chambers located at 1110 Houston, St. For more information please visit

Webb County is divided into four precincts, with a commissioner having jurisdiction over each. A county judge presides over the Commissioners Court. The Commissioers Court meets at 9:00 a.m. every second and fourth Monday of the month at the Webb County Commissioners Court located at 1000 Houston St. For more information please visit


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