Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders!

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What is the Youth Leadership Laredo Initiative?

Youth Leadership Laredo Initiative is a comprehensive youth program that creates confident, leadership-oriented students who can achieve personal success.

The Y.L.L.I. is made possible through the Laredo Chamber of Commerce with a strong collaboration by the students’ home schools.

Program Eligibility

Students will be asked to commit 5 years to the Leadership Program, starting in their 8th-grade year. The student will be required to do the following in order to stay in the program.

• Submit an Application

• Annual Program fee of $100.00

• Advance each year to the next grade

• Stay drug free

• Participate in a program fundraiser

• Attend at least 75% of all sessions

Youth Leadership Laredo Activities

Weekend Kick-off Program

This event begins with an orientation for new participants and their parents. The Leadership session will consist of a guest speaker who defines leadership through his/her experience. Four Saturday sessions with various assigned topics based on grade level will be conducted.

• Education

• Health, Fitness, and Nutrition for life

• Finance

• Citizenship-Defined as Civic Leadership

• Leadership skills

Field Trips

Students will attend one field trip a year for each grade level assigned to reinforce the session taught during the Kick Off Weekend Program.

• Local History

• Civic Engagement

• Health

• Arts

School Year Presentations

Two seminars will be performed per grade level throughout the school year which will cover the following.

• Preparedness

• Communication

• Professionalism / Enlightenment

Senior Year
The Senior year program is designed to have the students apply what they have learned over the past four years as described in the following.


• Volunteer at the Kick-off and other events
• Create, organize and execute a class fundraiser (10% donated to the YLL Scholarship for next class)
• Senior Project
• Students meeting program requirements will be awarded a scholarship upon graduation


Monthly Mentoring Sessions


Monthly sessions will be held to discuss, practice, and collaborate leadership skills for the Senior Project. The main goal is to influence the student to take what they have learned and make it part of their life.
How to Apply for Y.L.L.
Recruitment is done through local 8th grade counselors between August and September of the current year. For 9th and 10th grade, recruitment is contingent on vacancies. Students interested can apply by contacting:


Adrian Zapata
YLL President


The Laredo Chamber of Commerce
2310 San Bernardo Ave.
Laredo, TX 78040
Tel.: 956-722-9895